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“I have practiced nutritional medicine for over 30 years. I was always interested in nutrition but really became driven to learn more when my father passed away prematurely at 48 from a heart attack.  I needed to make sense of his early death, so I focused on understanding the effects of lifestyle, studying genetics, and experiencing nutrition from a holistic approach finally evaluating how these factors influenced general health.

I have had a few health challenges myself which led me to search for answers to self-healing. I suffered with digestive issues, low energy, and joint pain for almost a year.  Main stream medicine had very little to offer me except treatment for the symptoms only. In my desperation to get well I decided to study the biological function of the body systems to explain why I had all these symptoms that caused me to feel so bad. My term for this search was upstream learning – studying the function and flow of the body mechanics in relationship to nutrition.

I believe the body can heal itself, and that disease is directly connected to what we eat and how we live. Symptoms like fatigue, insomnia, adrenal stress, brain fog, digestive problems, chronic disease, weight difficulties, thyroid disruption, autoimmune disease, depression, anxiety, and learning disabilities are often internal signals that something is out of balance.  Correcting the source of the imbalance may prevent more serious health conditions later. The goal for each person is to find a personalized recipe for health. Nutritional medicine is a healing art based on bio-individuality. One person’s nutritional medicine might be another person’s nutritional poison – ‘It is never just about food.’  I think it is important to collaborate with other healthcare professionals, other alternative healing practices, and healers.”

“We are integrative whole beings, mind, body and spirit.
Not just individual body parts.”

I have a holistic nutrition practice located in Richardson, Texas but I also work remotely with people nationally and internationally. I require payment at the time of service, and will provide Insurance receipts.  I also offer functional medicine mentoring to health care professionals.

Please call me at 800 692 9711 or email gay@netnutritionist.com if you have any questions.

“Nutritional medicine has become so advanced.
Guessing what might work or shooting in the dark is no longer necessary.
We can test!”


  • Texas Woman’s University Bachelor of Science Clinical Nutrition Registered Dietitian
  • Texas Woman’s University Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition and Exercise Physiology
  • Interned at the Environmental Health Center Dallas
  • Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) 1999
  • Advanced Functional Medicine Nutritionist credential (FMN) through IFMNT


  • Clinical Nutritionist Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital
  • Worked on Dallas Diagnostic Association
  • Modifast weight loss program Clinical Nutritionist
  • Baylorfast Weight Management Clinical Nutritionist
  • Apex Fitness Group Nutrition Director
  • 24-hour fitness Nutrition Consultant
  • Interned and worked at the Environmental Health Center Dallas
  • Dotfit LLC Nutrition Consultant
  • Netnutritionist.com virtual functional nutrition practice
  • Private Functional Medicine Nutrition Practice 1988-Present
  • Presently expert content reviewer for https://www.nextlevelfunctionalnutrition.com/
  • Presently mentor other healthcare professionals


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Institute for Functional Medicine
  • International Association for the Study of Obesity
  • Institute for Food and Development Policy
  • Texas State Board of Dietitians
  • North Carolina Board of Dietitians and Nutritionists
  • Florida Dietetics and Nutrition Practice Council
  • Ohio Board of Dietetics
  • Academy of Dietetics and Nutrition (former member)

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