A recent report Out of the Mayo clinic states that Americans are taking at least one prescription medication and the top 3 are antibiotics, antidepressants, and pain medication.


Is there a connection between these medication side effects, energy and health? Most definitely, yes! Antidepressant medication can disrupt energy metabolism in the cell which leads to fatigue, and weight gain. Some anti-depressants alter insulin and fat metabolism causing insulin resistance. Antibiotics kill good bacteria in the gut and pain medication can erode the lining of the intestinal tract causing irregularity, diarrhea, cramping, indigestion, nausea, weight gain, fatigue and sleep problems. Loss of sleep contributes to weight gain, a known fact. Long term use of prescription pain medicine will deplete glutathione stores in the body. Glutathione, a substance made by the body from foods, recycles antioxidants and protects the body from oxidative stress, disease, and infection.


I had a first hand experience with the medication side effects about 10 years ago after a bad bicycle accident followed by dental work, and then an infection. I took both antibiotics and pain medicine. After 3 months on these medications, I started feeling awful; Extreme fatigue, irregularity, bloating, and trouble sleeping. I finished the medicine, and started correcting the effects! It took almost 8 months eating the right foods, healing the gut and finally getting back to normal!


A patient came to me with chronic colds she was being treated for with antibiotics 3-4 times a year. She took laxatives everyday for 17 years to fight constipation, and painful bloating; had problems with sleep and was always tired. (over-the-counter (OTC) laxatives is $725 million a year business in America). She changed her diet, and we worked on healing her gut (70% of the immune system is in the gastrointestinal tract) with food, supplements, and lifestyle. Within 6 weeks, she was off the laxatives and able to get a good nights sleep. She also lost a few pounds and has not been treated for another cold.


It is a good thing for all of us to be in tune with the effects of these medications and if we are taking them how they are influencing our health. I am not saying they have no place however it is always good to be aware, right?