This is the official week that people start to feel alive again and come out of the fog after the holiday sugar addiction. We threw all our wonderful sugar gifts in the trash.

I went to get gasoline this weekend at the QT.  As I walked through the store, tempted to get a diet coke with a splash of cola I saw a man doing the same thing. I told him that was my favorite way to drink a cola when I wanted one and he told me a great story. He said “I only do this on the weekend. I have lost 3 pant sizes just by minimizing my soft drink intake and I no longer am considered diabetic. My blood sugars came down too. I only get one drink on Saturday and maybe Sunday and I have switched to water with lemon during the week.” He must have been maybe 35 years old. He was my inspiration for the week! I bought a Perrier and went on my way!

If you are someone trying to lose weight, or just eat and drink healthier, cutting out soft drinks is the first place to start.  An article came out in the past two weeks explaining that even diet drinks do not ensure a healthy weight and the perceived sugar in diet drinks can even cause people to eat more.

So if you are drinking sodas, take it from my friend at QT, just do it on the weekend and see your results!  BTW the next big sugar month is upon us – Valentines Day –  so beware of the traps.  Everywhere you go from the dentist to the salon, there is a bowl of chocolate candy.  Of course it is usually where you pay or check out!  Just a little sweet treat to soften the blow.  Have a great week.