Think about DNA as the seeds of your health (20-30% of your health blueprint), and your environment and lifestyle as the garden soil, food, air and weather (70-80% of your health which determines how you express those genes). The healthier the environment, the more robust the crop will be. Knowing your 3X4 genetics will empower you to learn how you can make changes to stay as healthy as possible throughout life.3X4 Brochure


The 3X4 Genetics Report is an advanced, comprehensive view of your DNA. It maps out key biological pathways that impact:

Diet and weight loss, exercise and recovery, injury, detoxification, inflammation, joint and bone health, brain health and mood, blood pressure, stroke, glucose and insulin metabolism, energy metabolism, nutrient needs, nutrient needs and more.

After purchasing your package  you will receive a note with instructions to email your name, address, birthdate, and phone number to gay@netnutritionist.net. You will receive your kit in 3-5 days with instructions. Test results come in within 3-4 weeks.

View the sample genetic report here.

Note: All tests must be interpreted by Gay as either a consultation or part of your package. Click here to schedule a 60-90 minute appointment with Gay to review your test results, understand your  unique genetic blueprint and learn what to do to optimize you!