Improve Your Health 3-Month Program

Understand the science of how your genetics, biochemistry, and food, nutrition, lifestyle, and environment choices are impacting your health. Learn what actionable and realistic changes you can make for life.  Work with Gay for three months and take an intensive course on you.

This program eliminates the guesswork, struggles, and frustration you are experiencing with your sense of wellbeing and replaces it with data-based knowledge of what works specifically for you so that you can return to feeling your best.


  • A one-on-one, 3-month program focused on your unique symptoms and goals.
  • An initial 60–90 minute intake consultation to speak in depth about your goals and the creation of a direct plan to get you there successfully.
  • Recommendations for ordering customized tests (purchased separately and as needed) specific to your health objectives.
  • Review of your DNA test report and specialty labs – the how, why and interactions of the food and behaviors that hold the keys to your health.
  • Personalized food and supplement recommendations based on your genetic and lab results.
  • Two follow-up sessions: One to review your test results and your personalized plan and a final appointment to review your progress.
  • Two emails or text check-ins each month.
  • Lifestyle strategies that fit into your life and expedite your progress. It is never just about the food.


The timeframe to complete this package is approximately 3 months and additional follow-up consultations can be added afterwards if needed. For best results, you must complete your 4 sessions within 5 months of booking the initial consultation or you will forfeit your remaining consultations.

3 Month Package $1749

3x4 Genetics Test $375

(View a sample genetics report here.)

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