Healthy Living

The use of medication and the risk of chronic disease can be dramatically lowered by living a healthy lifestyle.  There is always a place for conventional and emergency medicine but staying healthy is up to us.  Knowing the 3Rd leading cause of death in this country is medical error should be a statistic that motivates us all to stay healthy.  Another statistic to be aware of constantly is stress as the cause of over 95% of chronic disease. Healthy mind, healthy body.

Healthy living is not only eating better and exercising… It encompasses wholesome food from responsible sources, clean water and air, staying active, being environmentally responsible to yourself and the planet through the use of earth friendly products, staying spiritually connected to yourself and the world, finding balance and giving love. Adapting a healthy lifestyle is good for our planet, body, mind and spirit.

Clean wholesome food, clean water and clean air are the sustenance of life.  Focusing on those elements of your lifestyle is the first step to healthy living.