Mast-o-Mosir is an example of food as medicine of abundant proportion!

Each ingredient carries therapeutic benefits so when combined and prepared fresh and eaten often Mast-o-Mosir can take healthy living to the next level.

Fresh Garlic minced or chewed releases the bioactive compounds.  If you can find them super fresh with stems even better.  Easy to grow. Sometimes hard to find all over the US.  In the middle East it is a staple in markets.

Health benefits: the bioactive compounds in garlic organosulfur compounds and allicin derivatives are so powerful in genetic communication, detoxification, as antioxidants, and in disease prevention. Consuming fresh garlic daily on an empty stomach or minced fresh in a cold snack is a potent antibiotic, antimicrobial, heart protective, and anti-cancer food.


Fresh Shallots minced and fresh as well is rich in bioactives and nutrients. Carefully inspect the bulb to make sure it is not moldy or starting to sprout.

Health benefits: Like garlic shallots have antimicrobial properties.  They contain strong disease fighting flavonoids and bioactive allium, and antioxidant rich quercetin, and kaempferol. These compounds improve circulation, blood sugar and reduce the risk of certain organ specific cancers.

Fresh Yogurt, known beneficial bacteria for the gut integrity and microbiome.  Make your own or find dependable sources that contain active cultures.  Look for pure yogurt without colorings, additives and preservatives.

Health benefits: the fermentation and live bacteria and plain, fresh yogurt is beneficial for digestion, rich in b vitamins for energy, and minerals calcium, selenium, zinc, phosphorus, and magnesium.  Yogurt is also a great source of protein. One study showed an 89% improvement in IBS symptoms when yogurt was consumed daily over 6 months.  We also know a balance microbiome can positively affect our genetics and immune system.


I like to add fresh mint.  Very refreshing and a known digestive botanical.



Garlic Fresh (you can use fresh cloves) 2-3 T finely minced

Fresh Shallots 1 medium sized, finely minced about 1 T

Plain Yogurt homemade is the best but there are good brands that contain active culture.  I like full fat.  2 cups

Sea Salt to taste

Fresh Mint finely chopped 1-2 T optional

Mix all the ingredients and chill.  Eat alone or as a dip.


To your health!