I have been practicing “Personalized and Functional Nutritional Medicine” for the past 33 years. During my career I have studied extensively the science of genomics, environmental and energy medicine, functional testing, how foods, supplementation along with other natural modalities are used as medicine to heal.  I have taken courses and reviewed high level course content for functional nutrition. This journey has allowed me work along with my patients to create an individualized roadmap for restoring their health.  Mentoring other health coaches, dietitians, and nutritionists that want to learn how they can help people using the Functional Nutritional Medicine approach, has become not only a mission but my passion.

If you are just getting started with the field of Functional Nutrition and want to know how to get started, or you are looking for guidance to learn how to integrate your knowledge of functional nutritional medicine in your practice, or you feel stuck on what direction to take with challenging patients, I can help you. 

It can be overwhelming to figure out how to apply all the components of practice. There are so many Questions such as:

  • What information is important to gather from patients and why?
  • Where do I start with the information my patient provides?
  • How do I interpret that information?
  • What testing do I choose?
  • How do I order the testing and provide the test to the patient?
  • How do I interpret the test results?
  • What specialized food and supplements protocols do I recommend base on all the information?
  • How does genomics fit into my practice?
  • What foods prescriptions will be most beneficial to the patient?
  • These all can be confusing when putting together a model that works for you.

 I am here to tell you there is a practice formula you can make your own.  You possess your own unique talents to help people get better.  I will share my experience, the tools I use, guide you in your areas of interest and together we will discover your practice style.  It is an exciting time in our field so let’s get started.

By working together you will:

  • Learn to put your knowledge of nutritional science to work for your clients.
  • Gather relevant patient information and learn how to prioritize that information.
  • Determine what tests to use to help guide your clients and create a precision plan.
  • Learn to interpret specialty testing to increase your skills as a nutritional expert.
  • Learn how to set up functional testing in your practice.
  • Know what nutritional supplement protocols are appropriate for different cases.
  • Utilize tools and educational materials to communicate complex information effectively.
  • Consult with me on complex patients to hone your functional nutritional skills.
  • Create a model that fits into your best skill sets as a nutrition practitioner.
  • Explore and learn how to monetize your practice using testing, supplements, etc..
  • Learn how to incorporate other holistic practices to improve patient outcomes.


Let’s set up a time to discuss what you are looking for and how I can help.  Please contact me for comments, questions and to schedule a time to chat.

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I offer a phone call to help you decide if mentoring is right for you. Call 800 692-9711 or email me and we can brainstorm and explore how I can help.  Reach out to schedule a time to talk


Mentoring are on an hourly or case basis

Special  packages are also available to economize our time together

Gay provides the utmost care and level of service to her patients Gay is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable nutrition professionals I have the pleasure of working with. With her holistic approach and warm personality, there’s no one better to help troubleshoot nutrition related issues and get proven solutions. Whether you’ve got gut issues, weight management goals, or food sensitivities, Gay provides the utmost care and level of service to her patients.

~KB, nutritionist, California

Gay has given me the support and clinical mentoring I needed I worked with Gay after I became an RD. I had health issues I needed to work on and I wanted to specialize in Functional Nutrition like Gay. I learned how to integrate specialized testing and holistic healing by working on myself first. Gay has since helped me with numerous clients on their journeys to vitality and healing. Her knowledge, patience and intuition have given me the support and clinical mentoring I needed to apply the science to my practice. Thank you Gay!

~AS, Portland

Gay’s support, knowledge and kindness have been invaluable Gay mentored me for over a year, helping me navigate my own health concerns whilst learning the ropes of functional nutrition. Her support, knowledge and kindness have been invaluable to my personal health and career journey!

~LM, Austin

Gay Delivered

Gay provided me with the customized roadmap for success. Here are results that I think are all you need to book an appointment with Gay today; total weight loss is running at 45lbs (30lbs since November 2019), all health markers improved – less inflammation, eyesight stopped deteriorating, physical fitness gains, best sleep since I was a kid, blood pressure under 120/80 and, I left my job to be my own boss! RESULTS, nothing less.”  Read more about James

James, Business Owner/Entrepeneur

My Sons Skin Cleared Up! My teenage son had miserable eczema and horrible acne. He was depressed and became antisocial. A friend suggested we go see Gay. She was kind, and more than that she listened and was very thorough in her assessment and recommendations.

Sharon B., Annapolis, MD

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Whether you’re ready to get started or still wondering if your health concerns are something I can help you with, let’s connect. Email or call 1-800 692-9711 to schedule a convenient time for an exploratory talk. I look forward to hearing from you. 

“The more comfortable the change, the more permanent the results.”

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