Hi…When Net Nutritionist went live in 1997, there were hardly any nutrition websites or any ecommerce because not that many people used the internet…. Today is a different story so it was time for a makeover. The main reason for the new website was to present Net Nutritionist as a nutrition and functional medicine practice. So here we are!


This past June, I went to the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) conference in Dallas called Illuminating the Energy Spectrum and was blown away by about the direction medicine is finally taking. It was a sold out conference with healthcare professionals and healers from all over the world. The medical community is finally starting to practice healing by embracing the whole person; mind-body, and spirit rather than force down symptoms of disease.


The connection to our energy and the way we live is the future of medicine. Truth rather than false hope is the protocol. Learning to do the simple things like taking deep breaths several times a day to reduce inflammation and stress, keeping your cell phone at least 10 mm away from your body and walking barefoot on the grass to minimize the harmful affects of electromagnetic fields in our highly charged society do not come in a bottle or cost anything and will impact health dramatically.


It is a new day and Net Nutritionist has a makeover!