Net Nutritionist Services

I have been working in the field of functional and personalized nutritional medicine for over 33 years.  What I know is there is NOT a one size fits all nutrition plan to suit everyone.  .Each of us have complex lives which require individualized considerations… genetics, food, nutrients, environment, and lifestyle.

I help you look for the reasons you aren’t feeling your best and help you find a precision path to reaching your goals.  You will learn to take care of yourself with foods, lifestyle/environmental adjustments, and nutritional support based on your own biochemical needs. My job is to teach you to get in touch with the signals your body is giving you, and to apply holistic solutions throughout the rest of your life…Instead of guessing what is wrong or treating symptoms which may lead to side effects.

I may suggest a particular specialty tests based on your needs and the way you answer your initial forms.  We will discuss the rationale for a particular test so you understand why it might be helpful. Some of the tests I use are genetic reports, plasma or  micro-nutrient testing for nutrient needs and cellular nutrient function, food allergy or sensitivity testing (IgA, IgE, IgG), LEAP MRT, or ALCAT, environmental and chemical sensitivity testing, cardio-metabolic testing, neurotransmitter testing,  toxic elements and mold, GI testing to measure gut health and digestive function, metabolic testing, thyroid and adrenal function to name a few.

I work with people all over the planet.  Appointments can be scheduled over the phone, internet or in person.  I also offer a free 15 minute phone call so you can see if your would like to work together.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation will last 1 to 1 1/2 hours. We will discuss your history, lifestyle dynamics, and any current laboratory results (if you have any to present). At the initial consultation we also determine whether there is a need for additional testing, why, and make a plan.

We use a myriad of specialty testing not often found in conventional labs. Appropriate testing will help pinpoint and direct treatment providing information such as nutritional needs or deficiencies, genetic markers, food allergies, metabolic abnormalities, food sensitivities, gastrointestinal, neurotransmitter, and adrenal function.  Some labs are  covered by insurance and some are not.  Follow-ups will be discussed and planned.

All appointments can be conducted remotely in the privacy of your own home or office or in person.

Follow Ups

The first follow up we will discuss your lab results. We will determine the best road map to accomplish your goals. The goal is to get you standing on your own two feet by teaching you how to put together foods that heal and make you feel your best. Followups are customized to discuss progress, explore what is working or not working to get you to your goals. Finding the root of symptoms and treating them may take a little more time than taking a pill. Plan to correct the source of the symptom rather than treating the symptom. The most successful results include 2 follow-up appointments. Follow-up sessions can be scheduled in person, over the phone, or Skype. Two emails a month are included in the initial consultation.

Package Programs

Some people come to see me and expect to get immediate results after the first appointment.

Not impossible but finding solutions and making lifestyle changes takes time.  The most positive outcomes happen with 3 sessions.  The initial appointment to decide on the plan, the follow-up to create the plan, and the second follow up to evaluate the results.

I have created several packages to accommodate clients are looking to get results to include 3 appointments, testing, email support, and supplements.  Package programs save money, give us time to create a personal protocol, and to make adjustments and most of all increase successful results.

Basic Package

One 90-minute session and two 45-minute sessions

One Nutrition lab test (valued at $2000)

30 day supply for 2 nutritional supplements

3 emails

(other labs are separate)

VIP Package

One 90-minute session

Two 1-hour sessions

A Nutrition Lab test (valued at $2000)

A GI Lab test (valued at $1500)

30-day supply of 3 nutritional supplements

6 emails

(other labs are separate)

Concierge Clients - Call for fees

Concierge services are offered for out of state and out of country patients/clients that wish to come to Dallas for appointments. Concierge services usually require multiple appointments during the first visit. The first appointment to discuss testing instructions with the schedule, the second session after testing is completed (before returning home) to discuss food and supplements. Most patients prefer to return to Dallas when their test results are in to discuss the tests and customized plan of action. Follow-up visits can be conducted in person or by phone or Skype. Costs include  preparation time for the visit including recommendations for hotel stays, customized lab schedules, supplements (if needed), and appointment time. Initial consultations may be conducted via phone before the first in person appointment.

Meet and Greet

Call 800 692 9711 or email to schedule a free 15 minute “get to know you” so you can ask questions and determine if you would like to work together.  I look forward to talking to you. All consultations are scheduled at your convenience. If you live in or around the Dallas-Fort Worth area we can schedule your appointment in person.  If you are out of state or in another country we can talk via Skype or phone. Whatever is best for you.

To Schedule Your Appointment

To schedule an appointment please contact me by phone at 800 692-9711 or email We will schedule a convenient time for your first appointment and I will give you an email address that you can send to that will auto-reply with a link to my patient questionnaire. You will then need to fill out the questionnaire and submit it to send me your information.

Fees are collected at the time of service. You will receive a super bill with the proper ICD10, CPT codes and licensing credentials to keep for your records or submit to your insurance.

Please contact me if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment ASAP.  If you can’t make it there are always people waiting for an appointment. No show or cancelled appointments on the scheduled day will be charged the fee for the scheduled appointment time.

Mentoring is offered for other practitioners to discuss patients and cases.  Mentoring fees are charged by the hour.
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