Success Stories

I am grateful for the opportunity to have helped so many people transform their lives and honored to share some of their stories with you here.  – Gay

Exactly What I Needed

I have been working with Gay for about 4 months and am so grateful for her support. As a teacher in my 20s, I live a busy lifestyle. Gay has worked with me to ensure that I can be successful in this sometimes crazy life! For this reason, I cannot say enough positive things about Gay Riley! I have always wondered if I had food intolerances as I have struggled with extremely low energy, severe constipation, anxiety, hyperhydrosis and weight gain. Gay had a shockingly accurate prediction about what I needed during our first meeting.

She has given me exactly what I was looking for- guidance, support and specific directions for healing. She took me through a series of tests and was very thorough in teaching me about my body as the results from these tests returned. I am now on a protocol that is working extremely well. All of my symptoms are improving.

Gay Threw Me a Lifeline

I have been on a thousand diets over my life time.  I lost 45 pounds in 6 months very easily on the Keto diet. Then I hit a wall. I had another 30 pounds to lose, was doing everything right but my weight would not budge.  After 3 months of struggling and feeling like a failure, I contacted Gay Riley.  We had our meetings over Zoom because I don’t live in Dallas. She had me do several tests for nutrition, gut health and a genetic test. It was intense but she made it easy by explaining my test results and what food, exercise, supplements and lifestyle adjustments I could make specific to my genetics and health.  Most importantly those changes comfortably fit into my daily life! After 6 months I finally am at my goal weight, have energy, and am not suffering with thinking about dieting all the time.  I continue to check in with Gay because I know the battle is not over and she is always there to throw me a lifeline!

32 Years of Personalized Nutrition

My Son’s Skin Condition Cleared Up Completely

My teenage son had miserable eczema and horrible acne.  He was depressed and became antisocial. A kid that was a gifted athlete, an honor student and very involved with his academic life withdrew because he was embarrassed about his skin.  Dermatologists. Prescribed medications that lasted briefly. Some caused side effects.

A friend suggested we go see Gay. She was kind, and more than that she listened and was very thorough in her assessment and recommendations.

We did a series of special testing.  I did not understand how these tests could help but when   we got the results Gay explained in detail what we needed to do next and why.  He changed his diet, took several nutrients that were low, and changed some of his habits. Within 3 months his skin cleared up and I had my son back!  Thank you Gay.

Gay Has Been With Me Through Many Nutritional Phases Of My Life

I started working with Gay Riley over 10 years ago when I in my twenties. 10 years later, I am married with children. Gay has helped me with my nutritional through so many phases of my life. As an athlete with an eating disorder, to weight loss with depression, to pregnancy, with family needs as a working mother. She has remained my expert to help me adjust my food, exercise and nutrition needs to my life. Gay always seems to make things easy and doable rather than restrictive. I guess that is why I keep going back to her.

Gay’s Tailor-Made Regimen Worked

Gay Riley began working with my father when his body and health were decimated by aggressive chemotherapy. Gay specifically tailored a supplement and nutrition regimen to allow him to persevere and recover from the successful but physically brutal treatment regimen. I vividly remember how my mother would initially ask his doctor about the supplements Gay was prescribing, and the doctor’s response was typically something to the effect of, “It can’t hurt anything.” Now having fully recovered, the doctor repeatedly asks my father about each of his supplements so that she can pass the information along to her other patients. I have witnessed firsthand the role that a proper nutrition and supplement regimen can play in fighting cancer, and I don’t think anyone knows better how to develop just such a uniquely tailored regimen than Gay Riley. No one should leave it to chance.

The Right Combination Of Education, Motivation And Pep Talk

Gay has just the right combination of education, motivation, and pep talk that helped spur me to successful weight loss. On her plan, I was able to lose 25 pounds in 3 months and have kept it off ever since!

A Partnership To Wellness

I’ve really enjoyed working with Gay because her system gives me accountability for my own health. Gay’s guidance and reassurance have been tantamount to my motivation. She one of the collaborators of the bodybugg, too, and she recommends products that she herself has tested. When I came to her with my thyroid disorder, she took the time to research it, provide me even more information than I had, and to help design a health plan that would work with my condition. Within six weeks of working with Gay, my thyroid function improved dramatically to the point where I am almost completely off my thyroid medicine. My weight has stabilized and I have more stamina than before. What I appreciate most from working with Gay is her practical approach to health and wellness. I’ve been able to incorporate her suggestions into my daily regimen with little to no effort. And she celebrates any of my little successes. With Gay I feel like I have a partnership to wellness.

Gay Helped Relieve My Son’s ADHD

Gay helped me with my son, Jake.  He takes medication for ADHD and was getting into trouble in school at least weekly.  I could not believe what he was eating could affect his behavior so much but Gay said ,“Food is Medicine” and it really worked like medicine. She also recommended some testing to help correct his gut function and identify nutrients his body needed.  It wasn’t easy to get Jake to make changes but after 2 weeks of doing what Gay recommended the situation got better. His behavior totally changed!

A Tremendous Source Of Advice And Support

Gay Riley has been a tremendous source of nutrition advice and support to me. Her information guided me to effective ways to alleviate my anxiety. I highly recommend her.

Gay Is A Miracle Worker

I researched all the local and online dieticians, nutritionists, etc. that I could find for weeks before choosing to contact Gay.  I wasn’t looking for someone who had a depth of experience and knowledge and would work with me, not just apply a cookie-cutter list of recommendations.  After the first meeting I knew I had found what I was looking for. I had a whole laundry list of problems that I was pretty sure were diet-related, but in spite of eating ultra-healthy all the time, all-organic, shopping at only the health-food type stores, I wasn’t getting any better.  It really seemed that the healthier I ate the worse I felt. Gay pin-pointed a major cause of my problems in the first round of testing even though I did not have the typical symptoms I thought you would expect to see. I was very skeptical and thought testing was a waste of time and money. I was surprised when the results came back off-the chart!

Gay nailed it!

Now, most of my symptoms have abated – no more do I have to put off eating because I know I am going to feel bad, feel shaky and jittery or spend hours on the couch so fatigued I can barely move. The tingly feeling in my feet, my burning lips and the stomach pain are  gone..Gay in my humble opinion is a miracle worker!

Meeting Gay Changed Everything

I was in a bad place when I began seeing Gay-I was sick with multiple gastrointestinal issues and feeling pretty defeated. I had been working with multiple GI docs for over 2 years and I was not getting any better. They all wanted to give me medication and send me on my way. I think one suggested the FODMAP diet but gave no guidance or direction.

Then I met Gay and everything changed. She tested for things that no one else was looking for because insurance would not cover such tests. She got to the root cause of my problem and didn’t just try to mask it with medications. She worked with me on diet and natural supplements, and I saw marked improvement in a matter of months. She spends time with you, she listens to you and you really feel that she cares. She was a lifesaver for me and I highly recommend her to anyone, especially anyone dealing with unexplained medical issues

I contacted Gay because she helped my mom so much. I had severe depression, mood swings, poor digestion and couldn’t sleep.  I didn’t feel good and had trouble keeping up with daily tasks.  I ate sugar throughout the day to cope. Gay helped me understand how my lifestyle habits, history and genetics were impacting my health. Through testing and over-the-top support from Gay she was able to pinpoint the main source of my symptoms.  I learned what my body needed to heal… beneficial foods for my mood and energy, nutritional supplements to support my digestion, and lifestyle behaviors to restore my energy and mind.  I feel good again.

Gay Delivered

“Hello, my name is James. I first met Gay in Feb 2019. We worked together on and off for 9 months taking a deep dive into what was going on with me on the inside. I was a corporate slave, burnt out, FAT!, exhausted, stressed beyond words and inflamed. There was work to do.

With Gay’s assistance, we really got into the details of who I am inside and how my body works at the cellular level. There’s a long story here but the short story is I gave a bit of blood/saliva and was provided with a detailed roadmap for how to improve my life forever. This was precisely my expectation going in. And, as I write this in June 2020, Gay delivered.

Gay provided me with the customized roadmap for success. Here are results that I think are all you need to book an appointment with Gay today; total weight loss is running at 45lbs (30lbs since November 2019), all health markers improved – less inflammation, eyesight stopped deteriorating, physical fitness gains, best sleep since I was a kid, blood pressure under 120/80 and, I left my job to be my own boss! RESULTS, nothing less.”

I’m currently 185lbs with 15% body fat. Planning to strip that down under 13% and get back into the 170’s for the first time in 25 years. I’ll send the update, my end June target is to be 179lbs, fitter than ever and living a wondrous life building my business out.

No More Guessing

For many years I had suspicions that “things” were not “normal” with me.  I had insatiable hunger even though I just ate, I couldn’t lose weight and wondered if I was wasting money on supplements I didn’t need.  Well, fortunately for me I met Gay Riley and we began a “PhD dissertation” on ME! She worked with me to create a personalized program with specialized lab testing based on my DNA, symptoms, and lifestyle. Lab results identified gut and digestive imbalances, hormones, nutritional needs, detoxification (or if I even did), and more which provided specific information to help me heal and regain body balance. After a few sessions on Zoom and phone, we laid out an individualized plan giving me a new understanding of what foods and nutrients my body truly needed. No more guessing… Now I know exactly what nutrients and foods are beneficial for me, how I metabolize nutrients, how to listen to my body, and what I need to change or pay attention to as I get older.  I am very thankful for this new information and wish I had met Gay years ago.

Gay’s Advice Relieved My Husband’s GI Symptoms

My husband was going through Cancer treatment and the odds of recovery were slim to none.  His quality of life was unbearable. He was losing weight, suffering from many gastrointestinal ailments with extreme fatigue and pain.  He needed relief so he could eat without painful bloating, get a good night sleep, and regain some strength and energy. We contacted Gay.   She recommended one or 2 tests to evaluate his GI and nutritional health from the cancer treatments. She didn’t wait for the test results to offer changes he could implement  to feel better. When we saw her a month later, the problems had almost resolved. With a few adjustments in his food and supplements he felt better, and gained some weight.. That was everything we hoped for.

Gay Helped Me Understand My Symptoms

After several unsuccessful rounds of IVF, I was worn out, exhausted, depressed, and my stomach was always in knots  It was time to get my health back. The minute I sat down with Gay to make sense of my symptoms I felt at ease and I knew everything was going to be okay.  It is 3 years now I have worked on and off with Gay. I am feeling great, excited about life and I am a mom.

Unrivaled As A Nutrition Counselor

I have worked with Gay for over 23 years.  Her experience, knowledge and science background combined with genuine caring and passion make her unrivaled as a counselor. I am healthy and enthusiastic as a result of her encouragement.

From Couch Potato To Marathon Runner

I was a 38 year old couch potato. As a counselor and minister I helped people everyday but I did not have any energy to take care of myself. When I went for my annual physical, I had gained almost 28 pounds, had high blood pressure and cholesterol. I contacted Gay over the internet.. During our first meeting she asked me if there was any sport that I was interested in doing. I told her I had always wanted to run a marathon. She said what’s stopping you? We worked on food choices, timing of foods, supplements, training tips hydration, recovery, and then she suggested I join the local marathon clinic. Eight years later I have run 17 marathons, not to mention I am down 30 pounds, my cholesterol and blood pressure are optimal, and without medications.

Gay Helped Me Get My Life Back

Everything is always overwhelming to me and I never have time to get caught up. I started working with Gay in May of 2012. I cancelled the first 2 appointments and actually missed the third one. I overslept.  She said not to worry about anything and get some rest. I have ADHD and rheumatoid arthritis. For the past 10 years of my life I have been disabled and unable to function normally even though I am only 52 years old. Gay helped me get my life back.  I have lost 28 pounds, my digestion is functioning normally after years of irregularity, I can sleep and have energy! I have cut my medications in half. And I guess more than anything Gay didn’t give up on me. She was patient, caring and thorough. Thank you Gay!

Deeply Grateful For Gay’s Support

After suffering for years from fatigue related to 2 autoimmune disorders, and seeing several medical and “non-traditional” doctors, I decided to work with a nutritionist to see if that might help. I found Gay Riley on the internet, as no local nutritionists were taking new patients. Gay reviewed my records, then recommended a gluten free diet—2 weeks before Christmas! It has been a difficult journey, but she held my hand (over the internet!) and supported my journey with compassion and wisdom. After 6 months, my endocrinologist saw the thyroid antibodies decline significantly…very interesting, as traditional medical advice told me there was no cure, only treatment of symptoms. Granted, I’m not cured of the autoimmune disorders, but I have experienced more energy as a result of the dietary and supplement regime that Gay proposed. I am deeply grateful for her expertise and ongoing support.

Expert, Compassionate And Comprehensive Care

You’re in good hands with Gay Riley – there’s really none better! As a colleague and friend, I’ve known Gay for the past 20 years. With her level of knowledge and expertise, I am honored to have had her as a consultant for my international Functional Nutrition training programs for healthcare professionals. I’ve referred patients to her many times because I trust they’ll get the most comprehensive care. Gay leaves no stone unturned to get to the root cause of even the most complex health issues. Throughout the process, she’s extremely caring and compassionate. What’s more, she’s down-to-earth and approachable – no white coat stuffiness here. If you want answers; if you want results, be assured you’ll get that and more with Gay Riley!

In Good Hands With Gay

Gay has been such a valuable resource for me in my journey to address personal health issues but also my professional growth as a functional nutritionist. With her many years of experience, she is the one that I refer my friends and family to when they are experiencing health issues that conventional medical protocols are not addressing. I know they are in good hands with Gay.

Off Zyrtec, Thanks To Gay

For many years I had been “itchy”. I learned to avoid certain detergents but the itching got worse and I started getting rashes. It was driving me nuts!   I took Zyrtec and although that helped initially, I started reacting more and more – anything I touched, anything I ate resulted in itchy rashes. I could not figure it out. I was eating a limited gluten free diet but that didn’t help.  My doctor told me to take Zyrtec! I told I was already taking Zyrtec. I wanted to know how to fix the problem not just cover up the symptoms with medicine. She said just continue Zyrtec and give it time. I took Zyrtec every day, often doubling the doses, and trying every antihistamine I could to get relief.

Then I met Gay and of course it all got better. That’s why I’m writing this cause she’s amazing!   I had no idea what to do to actually make it better and how to find the cause. My doc didn’t know what to do and I was progressively getting worse.  I started seeing Gay. She knew where to start. She asked me about my symptoms, foods, my lifestyle and environment. She recommended tests to see what was going on. When we got the results, she recommended food changes, a supplement regime she said to follow for 3 months, and some lifestyle suggestions.  She said it would take some time for things to get better. Not much change the first month but by the 3rd month I was significantly better.

Thanks to Gay, I have more body awareness, I have lost weight, and I am not bloated so I feel more comfortable in my skin. No more itching and no more Zyrtec!

I come from a small town and have been a trucker my whole life.  At 57 I felt bad.  I was overweight, depressed, had burning joint pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, and had no idea what to eat.  I called Gay to learn what to eat but she gave me a lesson on me, and why I felt so bad.  We had to do a lot of testing but basically, I was living a life of bad food and bad habits!  She said I had a lot of inflammation and helped me learn what to do to reduce it.  My joint pain is gone, blood pressure and blood sugars are normal, and I have lost weight.  Now at 57 I know what to do to stay healthy and feel my best.  Thank you, Gay. 

As a professional athlete in the NFL, I have tremendous physical and mental challenges. I didn’t feel like I was reaching my maximal performance, with chronic injuries, fatigue, and constant stomach problems. I needed help to up my game for training camp and get into the best shape possible. Luckily, I found Gay and we got to work. She had me do a genetics test, special GI and nutritional testing, plus a “more than thorough” history on everything. She also asked LOTS of questions I would have never thought were related to my issues. I was wrong. Gay provided me with a food plan (believe me, I needed one), explained the why for everything she recommended, told me what supplements I NEEDED and for how long, and supplied lifestyle tools to keep me on track. She nailed it. That season, I played the best football of my career.

She even watched my games unbeknownst to me and sent texts to encourage me!

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