6-Month Support Program

It takes from 70-254 days to make lifestyle changes and for a new habit to become automatic. After the hard work is done some of us fall back into old habits. Others of us start adding unnecessary supplements and get sidetracked by life. 

When we know what to do but need some support to keep going, this 6-Month Support package is the answer. This is a monthly 30-minute consultation to address what’s working, face challenges head-on, and provide you with the inspiration to keep going. Every conversation is centered around your needs whether it is changing a supplement, working on an old habit, starting a new goal, or feeling stuck in some area. Support check-ins do not require further testing and evaluation. I am here to listen and encourage you to get back on your path to success.  


30-minute appointments for six months to keep you on track.

Two text or email communications/check-ins per month.

Support with food, menus, recipes, supplements, behavior change and discussion of roadblocks, successes, failures, adjustments in your program, or anything that is important to you in your journey to stay on track. 


For existing clients only

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