Genomic Testing

Nutrigenomics investigates how certain foods interact with our genes to affect our health. … DNA Health Testing for Nutrigenetics aims to identify genetic susceptibility to diseases and the ways in which very small difference in our genes can alter the effects that nutrient intake has on the body.

Science has proven just because we may have inherited genes for a certain disease doesn’t mean we will get  the disease. Epigenetics studies the impact of the environment on gene behavior.  Our genetic blueprint is only about 20-30% of the picture! The theory is by altering environment,  foods (nutrigenomics), and lifestyle habits, we can potentially turn on healthy genes.  By learning our DNA (what genes were were born with), our nutrigenetic blueprint,  we can influence those genes through nutrigenomics to turn genes on or off and create a precision pathway for long term health and vitality.  

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Genomic data is useful for determining

  • Lifestyle habits that will affect long term health
  • Nutrients or nutritional supplements that tend to be low or compromised
  • Foods and food compounds that turn on good genes behaviors
  • Diets for specific goals such as weight loss, heart health, optimal digestion, or weight gain
  • Exercise type and duration that will enhance performance, body composition, strength and energy
  • Exercise and lifestyle habits to prevent injury and support energy
  • Functional tests to perform and health markers to follow throughout life

Genomic information is beneficial for guiding the path

  • To know your genetic blueprint and take actionable steps
  • To help you reduce the risk of developing poor health
  • To adapt new lifestyle habits that will enhance quality of life
  • To learn what foods will promote weight and fat loss and prevent chronic disease
  • To know the best type of exercise to  enhance fat loss and prevent injury
  • To learn what nutrients your body genetically may need throughout life
  • To learn what type of exercise and diet will enhance your health

The Tests

After 15 years of studying genomics, and nutragenomics (how food affects or genes), I believe it is crucial information to know how our personal genetics can teach us to live differently.  The avaliblity of testing and reports is improving at lightening speed, therefore I offer several tests reports to choose from. Each of the tests below has different features.  Shoot me an email if you have questions on which test would be best for you. 



3X4 Genetics Test

This is by far my favorite test today.  It is the most comprehensive report and provides actionable food, nutrient, and lifestyle strategies for managing potential genetic health impacts.  It does need a bit of interpretation so I suggest you look under the packages for DNA Report and Consultation or the 3X4 Genetics Test (diagnostics only)

3X4 Sample Report



Nutrition Genome

If you do not have 23andme and want to dig a little deeper the Nutrition Genome DNA Collection Kit and Genetic Report is for you. Click the link and order your test kit.  When you receive your kit, follow the instructions to register your kit online.  REMEMBER to put in my email as the email you want to share your results with.  Collect the sample and send it back.  Your results and report will come back in about 5 weeks. We can include your genomic data, along with your history, functional tests, and lifestyle to give you a precision blueprint for a long healthy life. Click on the Nutrition Genome link to order your kit.  NG also offers a program report  that you can generate using your 23andme data.

Nutrition Genome Sample Report

Nutrition Genome 



Max Gene “The Works”

This test report it is easy to understand and has many actionable strategies to make immediate changes to better your health and performance.The Works  report provides insight into your nutrition, fitness, and physiology. It is simple to read and understand covering areas such as stress, energy production, cardiovascular health, inflammation, possible food sensitivities, vitamin deficiencies, brain health, weight loss, exercise and more.  I will not receive a copy of your test so if you would like to send me a copy and schedule a time to discuss it please email me

The Works Sample Report

Follow the link page and scroll down to order “The Works”.  They will send you a kit with instructions on how to register your kit and take a sample.  The results will be ready in 3-5 weeks.

The Works