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Nutrigenomics investigates how certain foods interact with our genes to affect our health. DNA Health Testing for Nutrigenetics aims to identify genetic susceptibility to diseases and the ways in which very small difference in our genes can alter the effects that nutrient intake has on the body.

Science has proven that although we may have inherited genes for a certain disease, for example, doesn’t mean that we WILL get the disease.

Epigenetics studies the impact of the environment on gene behavior.

Our genetic blueprint is only about 20-30% of the picture. By taking control of our environment, food (nutrigenomics), and lifestyle habits, we can potentially turn on healthy genes. By learning our DNA –the genes we were born with, our nutrigenetic blueprint– we can influence the behavior of those genes and health outcomes. Nutrigenomics enables you to turn genes on or off and create a precision pathway for longterm health and vitality.

Genomic data is
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Genomic information is
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After more than15 years of studying genomics and nutragenomics, the science of how food affects our genes, I believe it is crucial information to know how our personal genetics can teach us to live differently. One of the main tools I use in our work together to optimize your health is the 3 x 4 Genetics test.

This is my favorite test on the market today.

It is the most comprehensive report and provides actionable food, nutrient, and lifestyle strategies for managing potential genetic health impacts. It does need a bit of interpretation so I suggest you consider Net Nutritionist services to get the most from this test and positively transform your health. Packages using 3×4 are included in DNA Report and Consultation as well the 3X4 Genetics Test (diagnostics only) option.

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