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I believe the body has a natural ability to heal itself. We will look for what is causing your symptoms, and find the best path to reaching your goals with food, lifestyle/environmental adjustments and nutritional support based on your unique genetic and biochemical needs.

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Health Consults + Packages


This functional medicine nutrition consultation includes a full review of your current health, any current labs, diet, activity level, energy, sleep, digestion, lifestyle, and goals followed by personalized supplement, food, and lifestyle recommendations.


Our most popular package, this in-depth experience is for anyone seeking to resolve symptoms related to digestion, weight gain, chronic illness, and general imbalance or to achieve specific health goals.


Staying on track with health and lifestyle changes can be a challenge. Our six-month support package is a follow-on to the three-month program, providing additional coaching and advice to maintain your success and flex with real life.


Maximize the information in your 3x4 Genetics Report with a personalized nutrigenomic consultation. Learn about the specific food, exercise, and lifestyle factors that can affect your long-term health and performance. Teach your genes to work for you!


The 3X4 Genetics Report is an advanced, comprehensive view of your DNA. Knowing your DNA will empower you to learn how you can make changes to stay as healthy as possible throughout life.


Schedule a phone or Zoom consultation with Gay for follow-ups or to discuss lab results, supplements, food, diet, exercise, fitness, and lifestyle goals.

How It Works


We begin with an in-depth review of your current state of health, lifestyle, medical history, and objectives. Regardless of conditions you may have been labeled with, this is a clean slate for positive change. We want to know everything.

Advanced Testing

We use state-of-the-art genomic testing and other specialized tests to reveal your unique biochemistry, pinpoint the source, and provide the most effective solutions for restoring and maintaining your health.

Personalized Health Plan

Receive a “yours alone” roadmap with achievable strategies using food, nutrition, and lifestyle adjustments.

Support and Guidance

Packages include email and text access – to answer your questions when you need it, help you stay on course, and upgrade your health.

My Son's Skin Cleared Up! My teenage son had miserable eczema and horrible acne. He was depressed and became antisocial. A friend suggested we go see Gay. She was kind, and more than that she listened and was very thorough in her assessment and recommendations. We did a series of special testing. I did not understand how these tests could help but when we got the results Gay explained in detail what we needed to do next and why. He changed his diet, took several nutrients that were low, and changed some of his habits. Within 3 months his skin cleared up and I had my son back! Thank you Gay.

June, Accountant, Mom, Denton

No More Guessing I met Gay Riley and we began a “PhD dissertation” on ME! She worked with me to create a personalized program with specialized lab testing based on my DNA, symptoms, and lifestyle. Lab results identified gut and digestive imbalances, hormones, nutritional needs, detoxification (or if I even did), and more which provided specific information to help me heal and regain body balance. After a few sessions on Zoom and phone, we laid out an individualized plan giving me a new understanding of what foods and nutrients my body truly needed. No more guessing. I have lost weight, have tons of energy and feel great. I wish I had met Gay 20 years ago.

Sharon B., Annapolis, MD

Gay provides the utmost care and level of service to her patients Gay is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable nutrition professionals I have the pleasure of working with. With her holistic approach and warm personality, there’s no one better to help troubleshoot nutrition related issues and get proven solutions. Whether you’ve got gut issues, weight management goals, or food sensitivities, Gay provides the utmost care and level of service to her patients.

~KB, nutritionist, California

Gay has given me the support and clinical mentoring I needed I worked with Gay after I became an RD. I had health issues I needed to work on and I wanted to specialize in Functional Nutrition like Gay. I learned how to integrate specialized testing and holistic healing by working on myself first. Gay has since helped me with numerous clients on their journeys to vitality and healing. Her knowledge, patience and intuition have given me the support and clinical mentoring I needed to apply the science to my practice.  Thank you Gay!

~AS, Portland

Gay's support, knowledge and kindness have been invaluable Gay mentored me for over a year, helping me navigate my own health concerns whilst learning the ropes of functional nutrition. Her support, knowledge and kindness have been invaluable to my personal health and career journey!

~LM, Austin

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