I believe the body has a natural ability to heal itself. We will look for what is causing your symptoms, and find the best path to reaching your goals with with food, lifestyle/environmental adjustments and nutritional support based on your unique genetic and biochemical needs.

Free 15 Minute Intro Call

Schedule a free no- risk call to find out how I can help you. Email, or
call 1-800 692-9711 to schedule a convenient time to talk. I look forward to hearing from you.


Initial Appointment

This is an hour, full review of your current health, any current labs, diet, activity level, energy, sleep, digestion, and goals followed by personalized supplement, food, and lifestyle recommendations.

Improve Your Health 3 Month Program

This popular package is more intensive for those looking to resolve symptoms such as digestion, weight gain, or chronic illness or to achieve specific health goals.

DNA Report & Consultation

Get your DNA report and consultation to learn how foods, exercise, and lifestyle can affect your long term health and performance. Teach your genes to work for you! 3X4 Brochure


3x4 Genetic Report
(Diagnostics only)

The 3X4 Genetics Report is an advanced, comprehensive view of your DNA. Knowing your DNA will empower you to learn how you can make changes to stay as healthy as possible throughout life.

Personalized Follow-up Consultations

Schedule a phone or Zoom consultation with Gay for follow-ups or to discuss lab results, supplements, food, diet, exercise, fitness and lifestyle goals.


Order Supplements

Looking to purchase supplements as recommended by Gay? Please click the link below to the supplement page.