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Personalized nutritional medicine requires digging deep into individual biochemistry and body balance as related to symptoms, genetics, history and lifestyle .  Specialty testing is used to identify nutritional insufficiencies and imbalances offering markers and key components to create a precision roadmap for healing.

Every person is complex and comes with a different set of challenges.

In our work together, lab tests are selected carefully and specifically for the individual.  Together we determine what tests will give us the best information for a blueprint to produce the best outcomes.

Some of the testing in my toolbox are listed below:  Many of the typical testing used in my practice are covered with an insurance co-pay. Some are not.

Available Lab Tests Include

For returning clients that wish to order testing on their own Direct Labs offers many functional tests.

Look under the tab, order tests, specialty labs.  Be sure to use the code R-NETN if you call.

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