Stress + Anxiety

Have you found yourself unable to handle the demands of a busy schedule? Will having just one more thing on your plate make it all come apart? Do you feel like you’re running on adrenaline rather than having the energy to participate in tasks? There may be other factors that need to be considered. Maybe you feel too busy because of constant stress, inability to sleep, adrenal fatigue, a biochemical imbalance, the types of foods you are eating, or nutritional deficiencies.

Chronic stress is a springboard to chronic illness.

Are you too busy to exercise? Too busy to eat healthy? Too busy to poop? (Believe me, it happens…) Too busy to get a good night’s sleep? Let’s find a way to slow you down to find balance, so you can enjoy the important things in life and feel your best. You will be reinvigorated by the results.

LET US HELP YOU WITH Brain fog. Inability to cope or concentrate. Trouble sleeping. Burnout. Headaches. Anxiety.

Gay didn't give up on me Everything is always overwhelming to me and I never have time to get caught up. I started working with Gay in May of 2012. I cancelled the first 2 appointments and actually missed the third one. I overslept. She said not to worry about anything and get some rest. I have ADHD and rheumatoid arthritis. For the past 10 years of my life I have been disabled and unable to function normally even though I am only 52 years old. Gay helped me get my life back. I have lost 28 pounds, my digestion is functioning normally after years of irregularity, I can sleep and have energy! I have cut my medications in half. And I guess more than anything Gay didn’t give up on me. She was patient, caring and thorough. Thank you Gay!

--Donna, Austin TX

Explore Health Concerns

Healthy Eating

Eating healthy means consuming more wholesome foods that are free of additives, preservatives, pesticides, hormones and GMO’s.

Inflammation + Autoimmune

Inflammation, like pain, fatigue, or depression, is an immune system response to harm such as infection, food allergies or injury.

Digestive Challenges

Symptoms such as gas, bloating, cramping, indigestion, loose stools or constipation are often signs that something is out of balance.

Unwell + Undiagnosed

It can be frustrating when we don’t feel well and no one seems to have the answers. Finding the source is key to restoring your health.

Mental Wellbeing

Stress, insomnia, what we eat, our environment and lifestyle habits are all known factors that affect mental focus and microbial balance in the intestinal tract.

Sleep + Fatigue

Getting deep, restorative sleep is a concern if you are always tired. Did you know that digestion can affect your ability to achieve a calm and restful sleep?

Weight Management

Are you having a hard time maintaining your ideal weight?

Stress + Anxiety

If you are unable to handle the demands of a busy schedule and life's challenges, there may be other factors that need to be considered.

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“The more comfortable the change, the more permanent the results.”

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