Unwell + Undiagnosed

It can be deeply frustrating trying to understand why you don’t feel well or know who to turn to for help. The medical field does not always offer treatment other than medications, oftentimes without identifying or resolving underlying symptoms. Your feeling unwell could be chronic inflammation driven by stress and foods, an unidentified infection, persistent sinus issues, or, quite often, a combination of many factors. In most cases, it is a direct result of lifestyle and food.

Our work is to uncover the root cause of your discomfort and provide personalized solutions to help you feel your best.

You can take control of your health and restore your vitality. There is an answer for you. The body is designed to heal. Your symptoms tell us where to look.

HELPFUL FOR CONDITIONS SUCH AS Environmental conditions such as mold. Lyme disease. Long Covid. Bloating. Anxiety. Fatigue. Anxiety. Joint pain. Brain fog. Headaches. Skin rashes. Sleep issues. Low energy. Gut issues. Fatigue.

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Healthy Eating

Eating healthy means consuming more wholesome foods that are free of additives, preservatives, pesticides, hormones and GMO’s.

Inflammation + Autoimmune

Inflammation, like pain, fatigue, or depression, is an immune system response to harm such as infection, food allergies or injury.

Digestive Challenges

Symptoms such as gas, bloating, cramping, indigestion, loose stools or constipation are often signs that something is out of balance.

Unwell + Undiagnosed

It can be frustrating when we don’t feel well and no one seems to have the answers. Finding the source is key to restoring your health.

Mental Wellbeing

Stress, insomnia, what we eat, our environment and lifestyle habits are all known factors that affect mental focus and microbial balance in the intestinal tract.

Sleep + Fatigue

Getting deep, restorative sleep is a concern if you are always tired. Did you know that digestion can affect your ability to achieve a calm and restful sleep?

Weight Management

Are you having a hard time maintaining your ideal weight?

Stress + Anxiety

If you are unable to handle the demands of a busy schedule and life's challenges, there may be other factors that need to be considered.
I worked with Gay when traditional medicine physicians were unable to determine the cause of my symptoms of severe joint inflammation, gas, bloating and fatigue. Working with Gay helped to identify and minimize my symptoms significantly, and the results of various tests gave me valuable insight into my body while also bringing attention to my habits. Nearly three years later I continue to utilize her recommendations!

~Huda, Physical Therapist

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and my doctors wanted me to take medication. I wanted to try to manage my symptoms more naturally and understand what might be happening. I also suffered with anxiety and terrible digestive issues. I found Gay on Google and we started working together. We did lots of testing and found high levels of environmental toxins along with leaky gut, and low vitamin D. Gay taught me how to avoid and remove the toxic exposures I was experiencing as well as how to eat to promote natural detoxification. I really feel like I have control of things now. I feel healthy and fit, and I know how to listen to what my body is telling me.

~Erin, CPA

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“The more comfortable the change, the more permanent the results.”

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